3/1/14 ~ We just had our Special Day Assembly in the Bethel Assembly Hall in Santo Domingo and, as always, it was amazingly encouraging. We were given extremely helpful tips on how to get the most out of our bible usage in field service, almost every talk had a number of interviews and experiences and we even got exciting new announcements, which I won't mention in case I ruin someone's surprise, but no new bible :(  . I didn't really think we would get the new bible in Spanish so soon, but I could hope, couldn't I? Hopefully, we'll get them in the District Assembly this summer. I have my own English copy that I stole from my grandma back in the States (muahahaha),  but I can't wait to preach with the Spanish edition and really try out the changes and additions in the ministry!

Anyhoo, back to the convention. This Special day was especially special because one of my good friends took the biggest step in her life and dedicated herself to Jehovah. She was baptized along with her stepmother and both of them were, needless to say, very, very happy.
This is Leslie ----------------------->
So many people came to see Leslie and her stepmom, Melissa, that the even attendants by the baptism pool were surprised.
 Besides her friends from the congregation, Leslie had invited all the friends and family that she could. Her grandmother, who she lives with, and her stepfather, who are both not witnesses, came to see her and stayed for the rest of the program, so they both received a good long witness to last them a good long while. She isn't wasting any time to start preaching as one of our sisters!

Another memorable occurrence: It's pretty common to have the light go out during meetings here in DR. But I have never had an outage happen during an assembly! The electricity failed right before the last verse of song 114 and it left the 3,029 attendees singing A Capella (or is it accapella?). I'm not going to say we were as good as the official JW chorus in the Kingdom Melody CDs, but we weren't so bad either. The brothers went on without missing a beat and it was a beautiful thing to hear really.

I hope you all enjoy your own Special Day Assembly :)

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