-A garlic clove a day, keeps the doctor away. If you are sick, getting the feeling you’re sick or want to avoid getting sick altogether, swallow/eat/drink/ingest garlic clove a.k.a bacteria killer.
-If Bug Spray is not satisfying your bug-repelling needs (some of those buggers are fierce) or if you’ve run out, apply baby shampoo (like Johnson’s and Johnson’s) on skin and let dry for an effective mosquito blocker.
-In DR, bleach is what most people use to clean the salad stuffs and veggies they get at the market or the water (not tap, bottled…more on that, next). They don’t use a whole lot, just one or two drops but no one likes the idea of ingesting bleach. So instead, use Grapefruit Seed Extract. Leave whatever you’re cleaning submerged in a bowl of water with a few drops of the extract for 20 minutes or so and your veggies will be squeaky clean (and won’t give you tummy troubles). You can buy it at Amazon for 15 bucks. And the bottle practically lasts forever! (My 4oz. bottle is two years old and still half full.)
-In DR, obviously, drinking tap water is a big no-no. So, there are usually, depending on where you live, five or more water-bottling companies selling water. Since they are all bottled in similar blue five-gallon bottles and supposedly purified, one might think that any company is interchangeable with the other. Wrong. I’ve had friends get sick of evil water that seems trustworthy. Ask around for the company with the best quality. For example, in San Fransico de Macoris, it was Agua Jordan while in Nagua, it’s Agua Boy.
-More on water: Let’s say you buy one bottle from Agua Maria. When that bottle is done, you take it back to any place that sells Maria water and you exchange the empty bottle for a full one, like Redbox. You cannot exchange a Maria bottle for a Jordan one (even though the bottles are identical, they have different labels.) Also, some people might want to sell you a bottle that’s a little beat up. Try not to take these ones because sometimes, when it’s time to exchange for a full bottle, the vendor might not want to take the beat up bottle. Same goes for bottles with no labels.
-Skype is your new best friend if you have internet where you live. You can keep in touch with your peeps (who have skype) for free. You can use it to call landlines and cell phones, but that involves money, not too much, but everyone likes free better. You can call 1-800 numbers for free, though. A great help to me, since I’m in school and need to get in contact with them every so often.

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