Hi everyone! It's been a while, but things have been crazy busy here in Nagua. Between all the usual day to day craziness, we've had our assemblies (English, Spanish and ASL) almost back to back, the ASL language class in in full swing and we've had a couple of new people, some visitors and some coming to stay, to help out. So time has been tight.

But that's not what I want to talk about today. Today, I'm going to share one of the highlights of my week. This is Oliver.

Oliver is the son of one of the more progressive Bible students in Nagua and he's 5 years old. Denise (my ASL preaching partner) has been studying with him for a while but now, he's invited his friends over. Now, Denise and I regularly study with 3-5 children a week and we've really been trying to amp up the studies to make them really memorable for the kids. Denise usually studies a lesson with the kids, and while she goes and studies with Oliver's mom, I think up a cool related activity to do with them.
I've gotten a lot of my ideas and activities from the awesome children's section on jw.org. I really did not know what amazing resources we had available for the kiddies, until I started exploring it for these kids. Since the youngest in my family is 13, the only time we ever venture into the children's section is when a new Caleb video comes out (no age is too old for Caleb and Sophia cuteness). So, I'm thinking I'm going to try and share the things we do each week, since I've also gotten a lot of my ideas from what other friends do with their children on family worship night, so maybe these ideas be passed along or serve as inspiration.

Two weeks ago, we decided to a lesson on sharing. We planned to watch the Caleb video and then cut out the car printables on jw.org, but when we got to Oliver's house, instead of the 3 kids we had studied with the week before, we now had 6. But we only had 3 car cut-outs, so we made a quick trip to the colmado (small general store) and bought some pieces of computer of paper, pasted them together, got some crayons out and let the kids make a track for the cars to run on, just like Caleb and Sophia in the video. The kids had a blast and they even had a little hand-on practice with sharing, since there were only a limited amount of art supplies.

With their finished work! 

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