Here's another cool experience. 

About a month ago, I was on my way to a friend's house and I stopped by a small office supply store to print out something for my dad. The printer guy, a boy about my age, told me to step behind the counter. When I did I spied in the trash bin a brand new Watchtower Magazine! It was the November edition, the one about the three lies that make God seem unlovable. It wasn't even creased and even though, I hesitated a bit, I finally swooped down, grabbed the magazine and told the guy that he shouldn't throw magazines aways, even though we give them out for free, the magazines cost money and that he should know since he deals with the printing at the store. 
One of his friends came up to the desk and asked me if I was a Jehovah's Witness and the guy behind the desk claimed that the magazine was already in the bin when he started his shift. I proceeded to tell them that when a Witness offers a magazine, if they aren't going to read them, that they should say so, so we can give them to someone who will. That is a big issue here in DR. People feel bad refusing magazines or publications because they are afraid that it would look like they are refusing God's word, so they take them and little ways off, the dump them somewhere. 
I was about to leave with the magazine and kind of starting to feel like maybe I was "scolding" too much, when the kid behind the desk stopped me and told me to leave the magazine so he could read it and his friend said he would read it too and not only that, but pass it on to others for them to read. I was obviously happy and while waiting for my prints, I mentioned the highlights of the magazine. 

Flash forward and today while preaching and as we pass by the the same office supply store, my preaching partner starts telling me the same story I just told you. I tell her it was me and to my surprise she tells me that because of what happened, the guy that was behind the desk has started to study the bible! Apparently something in the magazine caused his interest to flare up. This Very Nice Thing left me Very Happy. It reminds me of how the Faithful Slave are always reminding us to be Witnesses 24/7 because we never know when something we do or something we say will cause someone to take in interest in the truth. 

Anyway, that was the Very Nice Thing I wanted to share. :) 


  1. Good job Kat! That was awesome. See, you never know what will happen when you speak up and talk about Jehovah to whomever you meet. Great job!

  2. Cool experience Kat! 1 Cor3:7 is kinda my scripture for the week 8-)


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