Here are some words that might come in handy to know if you decide to come visit me!!
ABOMBAO (Ah-bon-bah-oh) verb
1. When someone has had lots to eat and they're full, they're "abombao"
AFICIAO (Ah-fee-seeah-oh) adjective.
1. Suffocating. *From the word “asfixiado” meaning to asphyxiate.
2. To Be enamoured with or in love
3. Used to describe someone whose life/thoughts is/are consumed with another person.
 AHORITA (Ah-oh-rita) saying
1. Soon, later, maybe never in "Dominican Time"
 APIÑADO (Ah-pin-ña-doe) saying
1. To be very tight, packed like sardines.
A PO' TA' BIEN (Ah Poh Tah Bee-en) saying
*Shortened from "Ah, pues esta bien"

1. Meaning "Ah, it's okay."
 ASORAO (Ah-soh-rah-oh) saying
1. Surprised
 BABOSO (Bah-Bozo) noun, saying
* Literally means "Drooler"

1. When someone is called this, it means they talk a lot.
2. Liar
 BAINA (Bye-nah) noun
1. Can replace the word "thing" in any sentence.
**Warning: Can also double as a bad word**
BOCA DE SUAPE (Bow-cah deh Swap-eh) adjective, saying
* Literally "Mop Mouth". See SUAPE

1. See BABOSO.
2. Someone with a "boca de suape" is someone with a big mouth and/or is a gossiper.
BOLA (bow-lah) noun
1. A ball.
2. A free ride, like hitchhiking.
CHAN (chan) noun
1. Dominican slang for Man, friend, person.
2. Used instead of man, bro, ect.
Synonym: CHARLIE
CHEVERE (Che-ve-reh) adjective
1. Awesome or Cool.
Example: Eso tenis estan chevere = Those sneakers are awesome (or cool).Synonym: JEVI, CHULO
COLMADO (coal-mah-doe) noun
1. Small General Store
CUARTOS (Que-ar-toes) noun, saying* Literally meaning "Rooms"
1. Money.
DEPLAYARSE (Deh-plah-yar-seh) verb
1. To lay around for hours without doing anything. Being a couch potato.
Slight Synonym: VAGO.
DIMELO (Dee-meh-low) greeting, saying
* Literally means "Tell Me"

1. What's happening? What's up?
2. How are you?
3. See QUE LO QUE** Used mostly when answering the phone**
CHIN (Cheen) noun
1. A little bit.
Example: Dame un chin de ese mango. = Give me a little bit of that mango.
CHINCHILIN (Cheen-chee-lin) adjective (or noun, depends on use)
1. A bad odor
Synonym: FO
CHULO (Choo-low) adjective
1. Cute
2. Cool
Example: Ay, que chulo! = Aww, how cute (or cool)!
COCOTAZO (Coco-tah-zo) noun
1. Being hit over the head.
CONCHO (Con-choh) noun
1.  Taxi
2. *Less Common* The non-curse version of a popular curse word.
ENCHULADO (En-choo-la-doe) verb
1. To be in love
EL CUCO (Coo-Coe) noun
1. Dominican equivalent of the Boogie Man
2. Invisible monster that Dominican parents tell their kids is going to come get them if they keep being bad.
3. Nickname used by Dominican Merengue singer Toño Rosario.
DIQUE (Dee-Keh) saying
1. Derived from the actual word “dizque” (Diz-keh)
2. Used as “thats what I heard” or “supposedly”. Usually accompanied by a shrug.
3. So I heard...
4. Can replace "um" or "uh" in a sentence.
Example: Oi que ella fue al cine ayer, dique. = I heard she went to the movies last night, supposedly.
FIEBRE (Fee-eh-breh) noun or adjective
1. An actual fever. (n)
2. When someone is over-zealous or passionate about something. (a)

 (Foe) noun
1. A bad smell.
2. Yucky or Eww.
HACERCE EL CHIVO LOCO (Ah-cer-se el chee-voh loco) saying
1. Playing dumb or unaware.
2. To be irresponsible.
JEVI or HEVI or Jevi Duti (Heh-Bee) adjective
1. Taken from the English word "Heavy" and the term “Heavy Duty”
2. Meaning “all good, everything is cool”
3. Looks good, or just OK
4. When something is "Jevi", it's cool.
Synonym: CHEVERE
MANGU (Man-goo) noun
1. A Dominican dish made out of mashed, cooked plantains.
2. YUM.
MATATAN  (Mat-tah-tan) adjective
1. Means the boss, the big boss, the man.
Synonym: MAYIMBE
MAYIMBE (Ma-yim-beh) noun
1. The boss.
MOTO-CONCHO (Moto Con-choh) noun
1. Motorbike Taxi
PASADIA (Pah-sah-dee-ah) noun
1. A field trip.
** pasa (“pass”) + día (“day”)
PASOLA (Pah-so-lah) noun, slang
1. Motor-Scooter
QUE LO QUE (Keh Low Keh) saying, greetingLiterally meaning "What is what?"
1. What’s Up?
2. What’s going on?
RASQUIÑA (raz-ki-ña) noun
1. Skin rash or just when you are itchy.
SUAPE (Swap-eh) noun
1. Mop
** If you learned Spanish anywhere else, you could have learned that "Mop" is "Trapeador" or "Fregasuelos" or "Lampaso" "Fregona" or even "Mapo" in most Spanish-speaking countries. **
TA' PASAO (Tah Pass-sa-oh) saying
1. Shortened from Tu Estas Pasado, meaning to be overdone.
2. To have cross the line, to be a habitual line-stepper.
3. Another way to say “You are crazy”.
TABLASO (Tah-Blah-So) adjective
* Literally meaning a huge piece of wood.

1. Used to describe a hit/punch/smack and/or the severity of the punch/kick/smack.
TIGUERE (Tee-Geh-Reh) noun, saying
*Literally meaning "tiger".

1. A smart aleck.
2. Someone street-smart or street-wise.
TIGUERITO (Tee-geh-ree-toe) noun, saying* Literally meaning "little tiger"
1. A little kid, usually a boy.
TIMBOLA (Tim-bo-lah) action
1. Something you say when you hit someone in their Adams Apple.
2. Yes, I am serious.
**The procedure goes as follows. First you have to make them look up, usually saying "Mira un pajaro sin cola" (Look at a bird without a tail) pointing upwards. Then you flick their Adam’s apple when they look up and yell "TIMBOLA". **
VAKAN or VAKANO (Bah-Can or Bah-can-oh) adjective
1. To be wise.
2. To be or something that is cool. See: CHEVERECHULOJEVI
More to come...

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