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Q) What are the steps to take if considering becoming a needgreater in the Dominican Republic or any other country?
A) Definitely do some research, taking into consideration the advice found in the Kingdom Ministries and Watchtower articles. The “They Offered Themselves Willingly…” articles coming in the study edition of the Watchtower are especially great since you can hear what the brothers and sisters, who have actually moved, have to say about the change. And definitely check out other needgreater blogs, they are a great source of encouragment! (Click here to see which blogs I follow!)
And pray to Jehovah.
Talk with your local elders and write to the country’s branch about your desires. The branch will send you a packet of information. It is important to remember that the branches provide general information about the country and the congregations that need help, they do not provide extensive additional help, like providing residency, visa, arranging housing, etc. since these are personal matters that a publisher must investigate before considering a move (Luke 14:28).
And pray to Jehovah.
After writing to the branch, you should have a general idea where you would want to move, so it is extremely recommended to come for a visit and “spy out the land”. Try to go out in service, attend a meeting and meet the brothers and sisters. This way you can gain a realistic perspective about where you will be potentially moving and get more of your questions answered.
Q) Where is the greatest need in the Dominican Republic/ How should I know where to move?
A) Writing to DR’s branch will answer this question thoroughly but in a recent assembly, the brothers mentioned that the southern part especially has need. But the Dominican Republic is so ripe for the harvest that you could almost go anywhere and find need (John 4:35) It is also recommended, that if it’s your first time serving where the need is great, to go somewhere with an established congregation, while you gain experience living in a foreign country. It is important to choose somewhere you will be content and happy, so you can adjust easier to the change. This is why it is so imperative to spy out the land before the actual move.
Q) Are there any foreign language territories with need?
A) Definitely. The brothers at the branch are always emphasizing the tremendous need in Haitian Creole and American Sign Language. Recently, I have been told of Chinese Mandarin-speaking congregations being formed in Santo Domingo and Santiago, as well. Besides these, there are EnglishItalianJapaneseRussian and French-speaking congregations. If you would like to know where to find these congregations, go to jw.org, under “congregation meeting search” (click here) and plug in the information.
Q) What should I bring/pack?
A) Clothes and shoes are best to bring because those things are 1) kind of expensive here and 2) mostly of bad quality. Remember you are visiting somewhere HOT. Bring your airiest, softest, comfiest service clothes. It is very difficult to enjoy service if you are unnecessarily uncomfortable. That being said, it would be smart to bring 2 or 3 sweaters or light jackets, since sometimes in the rainy season, it can get the slightest bit chilly. (Note: If you are planning on moving to places like Jarabacoa and Constanza, scratch what I said. It gets cold up there in the mountains and you will need sweaters and jackets.) The shoes you bring are very important. It will be hot, but do not plan on wearing cute sandals and the like for field service. You will most likely be walking a lot.  In my opinion, the best option is to buy nice-looking tennis shoes or walking shoes with sneaker-like soles. They will last longer and I have gone through many, many pairs of service shoes since I’ve moved here.
After some tough experiences, I HIGHLY recommend not to bring a large shipment here to the Dominican Republic. Customs here is a very complicated and time-consuming process and they will charge a lot of money. It is MUCH easier to just buy furniture and appliances here.
Obviously, it’s understandable that one might have a few personal items one would like to bring (i.e photos, books, etc.). In this case, you might want to look into the option of shipping a barrel or a box, since this would be cheaper than bringing a bunch of suitcases with you on your flight.
Q) Is it dangerous?
A) Yes. Just like anywhere else in this imperfect world, one has to be cautious but the situation is not terrible. I have lived here for two years and nothing worse than some kid stealing a bike from our lawn has happened.
Q) Should I bring electronics with me?
A) Yes, bring your laptops or tablets because you will want to have access to Watchtower Library and the internet to keep in touch with your friends and family back home (skype!). If you are worried about theft, just don’t flash these things around and keep them at home. Definitely bring your camera, since you will want to document your adventures here. I would recommend buying a cell phone here, but if you have an unblocked cell with a SIM slot, go ahead and bring it with you. (If you are planning to help out with ASL, bring your tablet/dvd player, too!)

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