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Today, we were off to a campo (rural territory) giving out the invitations for the Memorial. It was a photogenic little place, not to far off from the town and close to the beach, and it was filled with a bunch of things that scream "Dominican Republic Campo" so I just wanted to share some of the pictures I got to take. 

I wasn't planning on taking any pictures today, but when I saw this darling house, I couldn't help it. Especially when Kirsy (my friend from the Rainy Days post), who was my preaching partner for day, was color coordinated with it. This is one thing I definitely love about the houses in DR, they are so colorful! They can range from Pepto-Bismol pink to blues to really any color, as long as it's bright! I think I heard it has something to do with the sun fading the colors or something uninterestingly practical like that, but I don't care, they're adorable! 

Another thing I couldn't resist the temptation of taking a picture of was clotheslines, haha. Yep, clotheslines. It was so sunny and hot (HOT!) that everyone was doing the washing today, I had to control myself to not take boring pictures of clotheslines. I'm telling you, this place was crazy photogenic (or maybe I was just shutter happy) that even the clotheslines looked amazing!

Here we are tract-flashing. First is David, an elder from the congregation and me and the second is from left to right, is Alba, Gisella, a special pioneer from Puerto Rico and Kirsy.

You wouldn't think anyone lived here but most of the time an unfinished house is the perfect choice for Haitian immigrants. Too bad there were no Creole invites to give them but soon there will be! The Creole class is set up to start in one to two months. 

Oh yeah, we also found a well! I don't think I had ever seen a real life well before but here it was. It would have been very biblical feeling if it wasn't for the bucket and the rusty tin cover but oh well...  

I almost forgot to introduce our new visitor in the congregation. Everyone meet Aric. He's from Washington State and is about two weeks in his two month stay. :)

Bright houses again! There's Aric and Cesar, our other special pioneer and Gisella's husband.

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  1. Wow looks like you are having an amazing time, and I love that little blue house!


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