2/11/14 ~
This day has been kinda slow, there is a huelga (strike) today and tomorrow and the elders mentioned, in the meeting on Tuesday, that it's wise to stay at home (Prov. 22:3). Not that there are riots in the street...but it's better to be safe than sorry.
So, since today is a slow day, I wanted to share a little more detail of where I am living.
After seeing that the Society was giving a lot of emphasis on passing on to Macedonia and serving where the need is great. My family and I decided to move to the Dominican Republic to increase our service to Jehovah. Why did we choose DR? 1) We knew there a was a lot of need here and 2) my father is from the country and we thought that would help us adapt easier. We moved here on the first of September of 2011. After staying two months in Yuna (more on that place later), we moved to San Fransisco de Macoris, about forty-five minutes from where I am living now. S.F.M is considered to be the third biggest city in the island, though it's not much more than a large town, no skyscrapers or anything. S.F.M is home to 20 congregations, 2 of which are foreign language (ASL and Haitian Creole). We stayed in S.F.M for two years, while we adapted and learned how things work on the island (Though my father is Dominican, needless to say, things had changed a lot since he lived here 30 years ago). A couple of months ago, our CO approached my dad and suggested we move here to Nagua, where there was more need with only two congregations and a whole lot of territory.
So here we are! I have to say I like Nagua much better than S.F.M, it is much cleaner and less boisterous than S.F.M. But the general attitude of the people are the same as everywhere I have been in Dominican Republic, eager to listen to the good news. The majority of people here a very religious and are always ready to escuchar de Dios (listen about God). They almost always invite the witnesses in and pull out plastic chairs for us to sit on. They will often offer something to drink, which is highly appreciated with this heat, and a few brothers have even been "forced" to have a lunch. Jehovah's name is everywhere here, on trucks, public buses, law firms... all in all, it is a treat to be able to speak to these people so interested in spiritual matters.
The congregation in which we are assigned to has 82 publishers and 19 regular pioneers, which is nowhere near enough to cover the immense territory we have. Also, starting this week, we have the new ASL group joining us on our Wednesday meeting, so expect to hear about that group many times in the future.
Well, that's all for now!

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