2/12/14 ~

Today's meeting was definitely exciting! We started off our CO visit and the new ASL group officially joined our congregation! 

These pictures aren't really that good, but I was so deathly afraid that the CO (up on the stage) was going to look over at the exact same moment I took out my camera...or that the camera would malfunction and blind everyone with the flash. *shudder*
 The sister who is interpreting is called Denise and she has been with ASL the longest. Before the official class was given, she was hard at work practically leading the small group all by her lonesome. Thankfully, she can let her hands rest because the couple sitting in the front row, now take turns with her signing, though they are learning as well.
Anyway, as you can see the ASL group is really small. Only 12 people (5 are present in the picture), 7 of which are hearing brothers that have come to help out. The CO dedicated part of his talk to welcome the ASL group and basically ordered us to do everything in our power to help the group out. Our CO is very enthusiastic. He also mentioned that there are about 100 deaf people in Nagua, so you can imagine the big job this group has ahead of them. After the meeting, a large part of the congregation gathered around the group to greet them and the visitors got together and decided all our sign names (Mine is the letter K and motioning to my glasses.) A couple of friends and I have been getting together to learn Sign by ourselves since we were not able to take the official class given by the Society so it was fun finally being able to get some real-world practice and trying to have conversations with our new congregation members. We ended up learning a few more signs, too. I plan on joining the group to preach at least once a week, so stay tuned on more ASL adventures.

The CO's talk was very encouraging, the topic being "How to achieve an obedient heart." He gave 4 steps to do this:
1) (1 Thessa. 5:17) Pray constantly.
2) (Heb. 4:12) Meditate or reflect on our daily Bible reading.
3) (Prov. 15:32) Accept and put into practice with humility any advice or censure given to us.
4) (2 Kings 10:15, 16) Endeavor to find friends who love and serve Jehovah. Which plays on the advice given to us in Prov. 13:20.
Pretty good stuff, eh?

He also shared some congregation stats. Nagua has been growing fast! We had 65 publishers and a max. attendance of 99 for his last visit, now we have 82 publishers and today's attendance was 130! We have 6 new publishers and 2 new regular pioneers which makes 23% of our congregation pioneers. We also have 131 bible studies being conducted! So, all of you out there reading this, come and visit and join in on the boom.

OOOooh, last thing before I go to bed, at the meeting we heard news of the new tract campaign going to take place in August. A brand new tract called (keep in mind, I'm translating) "Where to find the answers to the big questions of life?" will be distributed and the Governing Body has set the goal that, with the campaign, August will set a new service record of all time! It really is exciting to see how quickly Jehovah is moving the organization along!

Okay, I lied. This is the last thing. I just checked jw.org and read the new article about how now our beautiful site is available in 300 languages! That tops Wikipedia by 13. And not only that but jw.org ranks second on a popular global internet tracking site in the religion category. Just imagining all the hard work our brothers put into translating and writing the 200,000+ pages jw.org has to offer, exhausts me. No other organization in the world comes close!

That's all for now! Good night!


  1. I love ASL! My dream is to go to DR and help out! My husband and two girls too, we all love it. We are in Springfield Mass. Not far from Connecticut ��

    1. Hi Leslie!
      That's definitely a great goal to have! They DO need a lot of help here... Put it into prayer and maybe we might be seeing each other soon! How is all the snow up there? Can't say I'm not a little bit jealous. Thanks for commenting! :)


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